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*If this membership is for an organization, please split org's name betweeen last and first name for receipt. Thank you.
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Become an organizational member today!

Are you interested in getting your organization more involved in SisterSong’s work? Would you like your staff to receive discounts and event passes to future SisterSong events like the Let’s Talk About Sex conference? Here’s your chance to get ahead of the game by becoming an official SisterSong Organizational Member! 

Below are organizational membership dues and fees along with benefits:

Ally Organizational Membership $250

 Organizations that are not lead by WOC and/or do not serve WOC

  • Access to our recorded webinar sessions
  • Access to specific toolkits
  • 20% discount on RJ 101 & RJ 102 trainings 
  • Participation in local trainings and events
  • Local Membership Parties
  • Recognition at national conferences/events
  • Opportunity to collaborate on future SisterSong webinars

WOC-POC Organizational Membership

$100 (operational budget >$100,000)

$200 (operational budget >$100,001-500,000)

$250 (operational budget <$500,000)

 Organizations led by WOC-POC and serving WOC-POC

  • Includes all Ally Organizational Membership benefits
  • SS collaborations and support to WOC-POC organizations
  • Fiscal sponsorship to WOC groups for their events
  • Eligible for Scholarships or Discounts to our National Conference

Join our movement for eradicating reproductive oppression TODAY! Organizational membership dues are annual and gives you access to these benefits for a year! 

Who's donating

Surge Reproductive Justice
La'Tasha Mayes
Maya Jackson
Desert Star Institute for Family Planning
Patrick  , Planned Parenthood Smith  Southeastern, PA
PHSKC Family Planning Program
Lee Myers
Ca Planned Parenthood Education Fund
Medicines360 Sf
Medical Students for Choice
Family Tree
Center for Reproductive Rights
Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
Beyond The Pill
The Center for Global Women's Health University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Amy Olejniczak
Shakti Rambarran
Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center
Ashley Jacobs
Advocates for Youth
Upstream Usa
Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health
Planned Parenthood Association Utah
The Young Women's Resource Center
Women's Medical Fund
Aisha EverThrive Illinois
Cindy Cruz
Women's Law Project
Planned Parenthood Of Central & Western New York
ACLU of North Carolina